Monday, October 04, 2010

Biomass Energy Presentation Highlighting Sustainble Use

Scott Bagley of the Athens-based National Network of Forest Practitioners will share about his trip to Austria back in early June to learn about wood-based biomass innovations and the role that farmers and forest owners are playing in making the country a leader in the use high-efficiency wood boilers for heating and combined heat and power. As we in Appalachian Ohio consider the role that biomass will play in our energy future, we will be well-served to look outward to countries such as Austria, which has chosen a path of emphasizing thermal applications of biomass. They have found that a more distributed system of small and medium-sized wood-to-thermal energy facilities has resulted in an efficient logistical system and more jobs for farmers and other rural people. Scott will highlight some of the Austrian innovations, as well as the role that forestry and agricultural organizations have played in enabling members to benefit from wood as a homegrown energy source, while ensuring sustainability.

This meeting will be held on October 18th at the OSU Extension Service Office in Athens Ohio.