Thursday, August 05, 2010

Monday Creek And Kids Summer Provide Seasonal Activities For Area Youth

The Monday Creek Restoration Project (MCRP) held a Watershed Day Camp for area youth during the week of July 19th. For several years MCRP has offered a watershed day camp for kids between 7 and 12 years of age. This year Monday Creek was able to partner with the Kids Summer program. Kids Summer is a summer recreation program administered by Sunday Creek Associates with most of its funding coming from Russ and Barb Miller of the Ohio Children’s Foundation. The program serves Southern Perry County youth from mid June to the end of July. The program is rotated daily between Corning, New Straitsville, and Shawnee. The kids receive a snack, a morning of fun activities, and lunch. The entire program is free of charge.

Partnering with Kids Summer worked out very well for both organizations. The Kids Summer staff was pleased to have a week of environmental education activities for the kids. MCRP was able to reach several kids that they probably would not have reached through a normal camp. It was also convenient for the MCRP staff because they were able to focus on programming. The kids were treated to activities that included recycling, wildlife hikes, survival skills, and learning what a watershed is and how to protect their local resources. Hopefully next year the two programs will be able to partner again.