Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Americorp Member Updates: Karla Sanders -Leading Creek Watershed Group

The Annual Leading Creek Stream Sweep is a one-time event with significant volunteer opportunities where families and community members can interact and work together. Is it possible to mobilize dozens of volunteers and motivate them to clean up trash from roadsides and stream banks? Yes! In fact, not only is it possible, but we didn’t have to motivate anyone to clean up trash. The volunteers seemed to thoroughly enjoy the experience and felt proud that they were doing something meaningful on a bright but crisp spring day.

Approximately 65 volunteers came on Saturday, April 17th. This group of volunteers was diverse, including students from a local Boy Scout troop and 4-H club, as well as adults and senior citizens. Volunteers arrived and set out to clean up litter in a rush. Raina Fulks, the program coordinator, made some announcements, cried out, “Go!” and the volunteers enthusiastically gathered their safety vests (which they loved), gloves, and trash bags. Photos of these volunteers may be seen on our website at under the Photos page.

Nearly 1 ton of trash was collected, not including the litter sorted out and recycled. This event shows that it’s not hard to do something to help the watershed, and our environment. It’s an educational opportunity for youth and adults alike to learn firsthand about environmental stewardship and litter prevention.

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