Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Americorps in Action - Reporting From the Field!

The latest word in Americorps service is: Science! Americorps volunteers Matt Halfhill and Sarah Drerup, both of Monday Creek Restoration Project, have donned their watershed lab coats (read: chest waders) and started a brand new study in the waters of Monday Creek. In search of a hazardous bacteria that can hurt animals and people, Matt Halfhill gives us the lowdown on this new study.

"Sarah and I have worked to create a coliform bacteria monitoring plan for Monday Creek as outlined in the management plan. We determined the points based on past EPA sampling, as well as creating sample points based on locations of villages in the watershed. We met with the EPA and they have agreed to train us in proper collection and to run our samples through their lab. We hope that collection will begin next week. Once we have done two or three runs we will begin to get an idea what areas are problem areas as far as failing septic systems or livestock contamination of the stream."