Thursday, October 08, 2009

Trimble Farmer's Market - Vendor of the Week

In the mood for fresh baked bread? You could go to the store and stock up on ingredients, measure and mix (and clean up all that spilled flour), then knead, wait, knead, wait for it to rise again, then bake, take a little nap and finally enjoy your creation. Or, and this is just a thought, you could save yourself a lot of trouble and just swing by the Trimble Farmer's Market TONIGHT to enjoy the freshest breads and sweet treats around, courtesy of Lisa Fierce - your Trimble Farmer's Market Vendor of the Week!

A lifelong student of the baker's art, Lisa Fierce learned at the feet of the masters, her Grandma and mother. You can tell within a minute of talking with her that she truly loves to bake and this becomes even more apparent the moment you take a bite of her scrumptious dinner rolls or rich, flavorful cinnamon rolls.

But that's definitely not all, maybe you've got a personal favorite in mind that you're sure she doesn't have? Well say hello to the first market vendor who takes special orders. Lisa tells the story of an older lady who came by one day looking for some cinnamon raisin bread, well the next week a fresh loaf was warm and waiting. She's done the same with cinnamon rolls and other treats and she's ready to do the same for you, just stop on by.

"Business has been pretty good and we even sold out early last week" says Lisa, her eyes lighting up as she continues, "I'm actually working on opening a bakery in downtown Glouster, it seems like there's a demand for it." There's no question about that! This would be a huge benefit for downtown Glouster and the entire community on top of being a delicious destination for anyone with an appreciation for food done right. Stop by and wish her luck tonight from 4-6 at this week's market!

The Trimble Farmer's Market takes place every Friday from 4-6pm just across from Trimble Kroger's and will continue to run until the end of October. So don't miss out, make the most of these last few weeks and stock up on all the good stuff offered by your local farmers, bakers, neighbors and friends. See you there!