Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Transition Towns Workshop Coming October 3rd-4th

Transition Towns is part of a vibrant, international grassroots movement that builds community resilience in response to the challenges of peak oil, climate change and economic crisis.

If you want to learn more about food security, environmentally friendly lifestyles, energy efficient housing, local currency and more then read on.

Bill Aal and Sarah Edwards, nationally recognized professional trainers for Transition Towns, will be sharing information about how to ease the transition through present day challenges. This work focuses on building sustainable and equitable communities for all.

The workshop will take place October 3rd & 4th at Healing Heart Herbals near Rutland, OH.

To find out more about this two-day workshop including registration, schedule, cost, and scholarship info. contact Cindy Parker at or call her at 740-742-8901