Friday, September 18, 2009

Paw Paw Festival This Weekend!

If you’re looking for a slight break from an overindulgence in pawpaws at the 2009 Ohio Pawpaw Festival on September 19-20, check out the sustainability activities at the Ohio Country Fair Tent, hosted by Rural Action.

All the various workshops, presentations and interactive activities held in the tent over both Saturday and Sunday will focus on the art of sustainability. Local individuals with a wealth of knowledge to share with the community will lead the hour-long sessions, on topics as diverse as a solar cooking demonstration, a workshop on energy efficiency and weatherization for the home and a sustainability scavenger hunt and edible landfill activity for the kids.

Take a walk through the forest around Lake Snowden and be introduced to local plants and trees with medicinal value from Rebecca Wood. Do you think worms are icky? Perhaps farmer and composter Matt Peters will change your mind after he teaches you all about the world of worms and composting. Do you want to leave your car in the garage and break out your bike? Eric Cornwell from the Athens Bike Co-op will talk about the whys and hows of practical cycling.

Hope to see you there!

Saturday, September 19

10-11:30 - am Medicinal Plants Walk

11:30 - am Alternative Income Strategies through Sustainable Forest Management

1 pm - Earth, Spirit and Regeneration in the 21st Century

2 pm - The value of protecting and preserving heritage assets Heirloom tomatoes Heritage Award Ceremony

3 pm - Buddhism and Sustainability

4 pm - Maple Tapping

5 pm - Solar Cooking

6 pm - Inhale Yoga

Sunday, September 20

10 am - Worms and Composting

11 am - Working with the Produce Auctions

Noon - Weatherization and Energy Efficiency

1 pm - The Whys and Hows of Practical Cycling

2 pm - Backyard gardening

3 pm - Learn about watershed restoration and stream sampling

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