Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Membership Update

Here at Rural Action, our members are the heartbeat of our organization - they make our work in Appalachian Ohio possible. We would like to graciously thank the following people for recently renewing their memberships with Rural Action:
  • Joseph Agranoff
  • Al Altfater
  • Scott Bagley
  • John and Karen Beasley
  • Ethan Bingaman
  • Richard Bodine
  • Liz Bonny
  • Judith Daso
  • Gifford Doxsee
  • Bob Eichenberg
  • Sandra Foster
  • Janelle Gellerman
  • Art and Peggy Gish
  • Lynn Graham-Mowery
  • Cara Hardesty
  • Bo and Sue Hysong
  • Anita James
  • Carol Kirk
  • Esther Kuhre
  • Philip and Linda March
  • Carolyn Murphree
  • Frederick Oremus
  • Phillip and Darla Perry
  • Randi Pokladnik
  • Sandy Putorek
  • Kenny Rauch
  • David Reiser
  • Kate Rossman
  • Reid Sinclair
  • Mark Skillings
  • Dan and Lori Waugh
  • Arvin and Jeanne Wells
  • George Wood
  • Sharyn Yulish
If you would like to renew your membership with Rural Action, contact Jordan Vincent ( or call our Trimble offices (740.767.4938). You can also donate to Rural Action on our website by following this link.

Thank you for your support!

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