Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Huff Run Awareness Days Engage Youth

On May 1, the Huff Run Watershed Restoration Project (HRWRP) held the first of their Huff Run Awareness Days at various sites around Mineral City, Ohio. Over 130 seventh graders from the Tusky Valley Middle School took part in the first of four educational programs that are being held during the month of May to teach area youth about the importance of water quality and conservation.

Despite uncertainties about the weather, the Field Trip went off without a hitch and the seventh graders displayed great attentiveness and enthusiasm for the program. With the help of 12 volunteers, Huff Run staff ran six different learning sessions during the day with groups of students rotating between the areas throughout the day.

The sessions included talks and demonstrations about water quality testing, which also dealt with the problems of acid mine drainage around Appalachian Ohio. Other sessions included a guided tour of the Linden and Fern Hill Restoration Projects, fish sampling and identification with the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, and a hands-on demonstration called Enviroscape that is designed to show the children how pollutants enter the water table.

The students also had the opportunity to climb into the stream and get their hands dirty as they took part in macroinvertebrate collection and identification. The first of the Huff Run Awareness Days was a great success – the three other sessios will be held on May 15 with Sandy Valley Elementary and Sherrodsville Elementary, May 20 with a group of home-schooled students, and May 22 with Bell-Herron Middle School.

For more information about HRWRP, visit their website ( or call their offices during the day (330.859.1050). For information about the Awareness Days, contact Amber Leasure-Earnhardt (

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