Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Registration Open for Watershed Daycamps

Registration Begins for the 2009 Sunday Creek Daycamp

As we have been since 2003, Rural Action will again be hosting Watershed Daycamps this summer focusing on environmental issues in the Sunday Creek, Monday Creek, and Federal Valley watersheds. They are returning this year for two more weeks of fun and education in the great outdoors. The focus of these camps are hands-on learning in the natural environment. Youth participating in the camps learn about the effects of coal mining in the region, acid mine drainage, and healthy stream indicators by actually getting into the streams and searching for macroinvertebrates, testing the water for acidity, turbidity, and metal content, among other indicators.

As last year, these daycamps are geared towards children in elementary school. Campers will have the opportunity to explore parts of both the Sunday Creek and Monday Creek Watersheds, as well as learn valuable lessons in conservation and environmentalism. The fee for each of the weeklong camps is $50 per child, with some need-based scholarships available. This year we will be running two camps:
  • The Monday Creek Watershed Daycamp will run June 15 - June 19 and will be held in New Straitsville, Ohio. The Sunday Creek Watershed Daycamp will run July 20 – July 24 and will once again be headquartered at the Glouster Community Park. Both camps will run from 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM daily. You can register for either the Monday Creek Daycamp or the Sunday Creek Daycamp by contacting coordinator Heather Sheets with any questions at ( or stop in at the Sunday Creek Offices (740.767.2225).
We are also offering online registration on the Rural Action website!