Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Conversation Café

Rural Action will be helping to co-sponsor a Conversation Café that is being hosted by Kathy Jacobson of Broadwell Hill Learning Center on March 29 at the Federal Valley Resource Center. This meeting is being organized, like dozens of others around the country, to coincide with Conversation Week 2009. This informal gathering will be a great opportunity to meet neighbors, share food, have fun, exchange information and talk about things that matter in our region.

The focus of this event is to get to know our neighbors, have good conversation, and to listen to what folks have to say about three main questions:
  • What do humans need to do to adapt to survive the changes predicted for this century?
  • How did folks in our area get by in the past?
  • What are we doing to prepare our families and what else can we do to ensure health, safety and great resiliency in our communities?
In addition to this discussion, there will also be short presentations. Tom Redfern, coordinator of Rural Action Sustainable Agriculture, will be giving a presentation called “Working Woodlands in Federal Valley.” Other presenters at the Café will include host Kathy Jacobson, and Ronda Clark from Community Food Initiatives.

These kinds of open, honest discussions are especially important in the complex times that we find ourselves living – times that are filled with great challenges and great opportunities. There is nothing to join – all are welcome to attend this free event.

If you want to hear about, and talk about, transition please plan on showing up and joining in the conversation. For more information, contact Kathy Jacobson (740.448.4000) or email Broadwell Hill ( Carpooling assistance may be available.

RSVP is required by Friday, March 27.

You can view a complete schedule for the event here.

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