Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Partners in Progress

Internships at Blue Rock Station (Summer 2009)

We would like to share a great internship opportunity from our friends at Blue Rock Station. If you're at all interested in green living and sustainable farming - and looking for something to do this summer - read on!

Blue Rock Station, a green living farm, takes pride in their ability to translate green living principles (repair, reuse, reduce, recycle, respect) into happy and fulfilling lives. The goal of their summer intern program is to provide opportunities for each person who lives, eats and works at the farm to find their own definition of green living by designing and building at least one project. Internships range in duration from four to eight weeks. Some internships are a no-fee work exchange, while others will require a fee to cover instruction, and room and board.

Some of the activities being featured in this internship program are:
  • Assist in the week-long strawbale build (end of May) and/or the weekend builds (July & August) to create two small cottages in the forest
  • Assist in designing a solar energy project (if the grant is approved) for heating water and providing electricity for the goat/llama barn
  • Learn how to make and apply mud plasters on the two-bed cottage, Earthship living room, garage extension, and sunroom
  • Design and build a glass bottle pillars for the garden to serve as an espalier for fruit trees
  • General farm chores that might include feeding llamas, mowing fields, and garden work
  • Lead and participate in tours of the farm

Here's a message from Annie Warmke, co-owner of Blue Rock Station:

During the time that you will be working and living at Blue Rock Station you will be a member of our family. Family is a huge part, in fact the core of the success of green living. There are many components to a green family life, but first and foremost is respect and time together. During our time with you we promise to provide you with the following:
  • Specific goals for your time with us
  • A place to sleep, and time for relaxing
  • Three meals per day rooted in green living
  • Instruction on various aspects of our work including but not limited to sustainable building techniques, natural gardening, animal husbandry, leadership, tourism, and general ideas for living a green life

Blue Rock Station is located between Zanesville and McConnelsville in central Ohio.
If you would like more information about the internships, email Annie Warmke ( or call the farm (740.674.4300).

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