Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hot Off the Press


States hope Obama will boost funds for renewable energy
By Julia Ritchey
Voice of America
January 21, 2009

Wind, solar and biofuels. These are the so-called renewable energy sectors President Barack Obama wants to use to create green jobs to stimulate the battered U.S. economy. But renewable energy projects already have been successfully launched, with less fanfare, in a handful of states over the past several years. The states' political and business leaders are hoping the new administration will pump additional funding into these job-creating green projects…


A green clean
By Gwen Corbett
The Athens Messenger
January 19, 2009

Last week’s green tip compared the Earth to a giant sponge and our human bodies to little sponges. With an increased use of chemicals worldwide, the environment and human health suffer. The next few weeks’ tips will focus on what individuals can do to reduce chemical exposure in and around their homes and businesses. Reducing chemical use where you spend the most time is a terrific step toward preventive health. It also leads to healing the environment, as harmful chemicals don’t taint our soil, water and air…


Walking in a natural winter wonderland

By Gretchen Gregory
The Athens Messenger
January 19, 2009

People journeyed from as far away as England to experience on Saturday what’s become a Southeast Ohio tradition — the Hocking Hills Winter Hike…


Alternate energy solutions
By Meriah Williams
The Logan Daily News
January 17, 2009

Hocking College — Logan Campus hosted an all-day seminar Friday on Community Energy Solutions: Heating Rural Schools & Facilities With Woody Biomass, which was sponsored by Rural Action…


Transportation group’s ideas could be economic boon to SE Ohio
By Jim Phillips
The Athens News
January 15, 2009

If the ambitious recommendations in a recent state transportation task force report are actually put into effect, it could mean a big opportunity for a research institute at Ohio University, as well as economic development in the region…

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