Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Hot Off the Press


Think Again: Climate Change
By Bill McKibben
Foreign Policy
January/February 2009

Act now, we’re told, if we want to save the planet from a climate catastrophe. Trouble is, it might be too late. The science is settled, and the damage has already begun. The only question now is whether we will stop playing political games and embrace the few imperfect options we have left...

Tennessee spill shows coal wrong way to go in Ohio
By Mike Ludwig
The Athens News
December 31, 2008

The cleanup effort has just begun in Kingston, Tenn., where an earthen retaining wall near a coal-burning power plant broke Dec. 22 and released billions of gallons of coal ash and sludge that flooded 400 acres and destroyed several houses and clogged nearby streams.

The disaster, which has been dubbed “the Exxon-Valdez of the coal industry” by the news media, has led environmentalist experts and activists in Ohio to wonder if a similar catastrophe could occur in this state…

Who really needs bailed out more than nonprofits?
by Mark Shelley
Asheville Citizen-Times
December 21, 2008

Watching TV these days, you can’t miss the financial services, banking, automakers and others squirming their way through congressional hearings as they try and shore up their industries. Nonprofit leaders would have liked to appear before the Congress to plead our case, but we couldn’t afford to put gas in our corporate jets...

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