Monday, December 15, 2008

Watershed Groups

Two Restoration Project Completed in 2008
By Maureen Wise, Huff Run Coordinator

The Huff Run Watershed Restoration Partnership (HRWRP) is proud to announce the completion of two major restoration projects this year at Belden and Fern Hill.

The Belden project is a 20-acre site located behind the former Kopp Clay Plant in Malvern, Ohio. As part of the project HRWRP reclaimed large gob piles and toxic clay deposits from the site, as well as installing two steel slag leach beds in order to boost the alkalinity of the water and raise the overall pH of the stream. Additionally, open limestone channels were installed to efficiently move the water at the site to the settling pond (pictured above) that collects all of the water from the project.

Belden was funded by a US EPA Targeted Watershed Grant, a Clean Stream Initiative Grant from the Office of Surface Mining Appalachian, and in-kind contributions from the Division of Mineral Resources Management at the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR-MRM). The design was completed by ATC Associates and constructed by Tuscon.

Fern Hill (pictured below), so named for its hillside of Christmas ferns, is also known as HR-42. The site is located off of Hope Road in Carroll County and consists of a series of acid ponds left behind from strip mining, as well as a large acid mine drainage (AMD) plume that sits directly beside Huff Run itself. The site dumps severe amounts of AMD directly into Huff Run and prior to the project we believed that the ponds were causing the seep and plume at stream level. Studies also showed that the hillside between the ponds and the stream have fractured rock stained orange from the pollution.

A grant from the Office of Surface Mining, along with in-kind contributions from ODNR-MRM, paid for reclamation of the largest ponds nearest to the stream this past summer. Limestone channels, grass lined channels and rock check dams were also installed. The project was designed by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and constructed by Red Malcuit.

For more information on the projects, or upcoming events at Huff Run, contact Maureen Wise (330.859.1050) or email her (