Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hot Off the Press


Trustees talk energy conservation
The Athens Messenger
October 5, 2008
by Danaline Bryant

On Friday, the Ohio University Board of Trustees approved the development of a plan for reducing its energy consumption…

Save energy and money by plugging the leaks

The Athens Messenger
October 13, 2008

by Gwen Corbett

With the temperatures dropping, cold air trying to seep into our buildings, and our money quickly evaporating due to rising costs, it’s time to plug the leaks. Finding and sealing the leaky areas in your home or business to conserve energy can help to slow down the leak in your wallet as well...

Let the sun shine in
The Athens Messenger
October 4, 2008
by Sara Brumfield

In a world of high energy costs and over-dependence on foreign oil, alternative and renewable energy are becoming a booming market…

ReUse Industries announces restructuring plans, to better adapt to economic situation
The Athens News
October 16, 2008

ReUse Industries announced last week that it is restructuring its operations to better meet the current conditions of the economy, according to a press release…

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