Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Adios, Chris!

Well, this is Chris Tomazic’s last Rural Rambler. After a year as the Rural Action VISTA for Media, he is packing up his desk and moving on to new experiences. Chris’s last day will be Friday, August 24 (staffers and VISTAs, make sure to say your goodbyes at the staff meeting this Friday).

“It will nice to be free of the 9-5, but the reality of life has not yet sunk in, that is, I will have to go back to work someday,” Chris said, reflecting on his imminent departure. He will be staying around Athens for the next few months, enjoying what he calls a break much like summer vacation. He’ll do some camping and exploring in the woods, play some music around town, and prepare for his winter stay in Puerto Rico. Chris will be staying with his grandfather, who lives on the west coast near Rincon.

If you want to contact Chris, email Keep up with his adventures by reading his blog, Blog-azic

Rural Action Would Like to Welcome Five New Board Members:

Lyda Gunter, from Bishopville

Dan Weber, from Athens

Scott Miller, from The Plains

Alan Palo, from Bremen

Sharon Denham, from Athens

Upcoming Conferences

Southeast Ohio Tree Care Conference
The Southeast Ohio Tree Care Conference will take place on September 27, 2007 at the Ohio Department of Natural Resources District Office in Athens (360 E. State St). The Conference is designed to help municipal leaders better manage their public trees. The Conference will run from 8:30 AM to 4 PM, covering a variety of topics related to Tree Care.

Topics include:
Street Tree Inventories with Marianne Prue of the ODNR Division of Forestry
Emerald Ash Borer Update with Dawn McCarthy of the US Department of Agriculture APHIS
Chainsaw safety with Mike Hopkins of the Bryan Equipment
Rain gardening with Gail Doyle of Athens Soil and Water Conservation District
Plant Picks with Rebecca Wood of Hopewood Acres
Knowing Your Wood with Ron Miller of the OSU Extension South Center in Piketon

Lunch, with Purple Chopstix, will feature a Sawmill Demo with David Wakefield.

If you’re interested in attending the Conference, contact Ann Bonner at the ODNR Division of Forestry at: (740) 797 9686.

The Deadline for registration is September 19.

Mountain Grace IV: Tending the Holy Mountain, A Conference Presented by the Dioceses of West Virginia and Southern Ohio
The Mountain Grace IV Conference will be held on September 8 from 8:30-4:00 pm in St. Clairsville on the Ohio University Eastern Campus. It will feature keynoter Rev. Suzanne Watson, Staff Officer who will speak about Congregational Development with a Small Church Focus. The conference will "continue to explore ways our Episcopal congregations can develop deep roots and yield abundant spiritual life as tenders of God's holy mountain and as a people full of knowledge of the Lord."

Here's what you can expect:
-To experience Appalachian culture through the arts and key resource people from the region
-To find new ways to reach out to Appalachian people
-To participate in practical workshops on worship, outreach, leadership development, lay ministry, community organizing, and community development through the arts
-Great networking with people in churches like you
-Lots of resources to take home
-Door prizes- Appalachian cultural resources.

For more information contact Rev. Katharin Foster at or 740-593-8615. Click on this link for a PDF version of the brochure.

Huff Run Party in the Park and 5K

Despite rainy weather, the 2007 Huff Run Party in the Park and 5K was great fun. Maureen Wise, Huff Run Watershed Restoration Partnership Coordinator sent along some pictures in the slideshow below. The Party in the Park had pounded leaf sketchbooks and bookmark making, a photo contest display, a kids puppet show called "The Great Trash Bash," project displays, a popcorn maker, tie-dyed t-shirt making, and an enviroscape demonstration.

As for the 5K, the top women's and men's times, respectively, were Sandy Debos, with 20:57 and Nick Sayre, with 16:36.

Get Your Ginseng While It Lasts!
Submitted by Tanner Filyaw, AmeriCorps VISTA with Forestry

The Sustainable Forestry Program is taking orders for the 2007 Fall Planting Seed Stock Program. Ginseng seed, always a very popular seller, is available again as well as limited supplies of goldenseal, black cohosh and blue cohosh. Preorders and advanced payment are REQUIRED this year. The deadline for preorders is September 5. Local pickup is scheduled for September 21. Ginseng prices are below. Contact Tanner Filyaw at 767-2090 or

News From the VISTA Quarterly Report

Candi Withem, the AmeriCorps*VISTA Administrator, reported that Rural Action VISTAs have been very busy this quarter. From April through June 2007, VISTAs recruited a total of 730 community volunteers, 319 of which were Baby Boomers, who completed over 2,500 hours of service. VISTA members generated $19,448 cash resources, and $20,444 non-cash resources. Candi would like to send a special thank-you to all of the community volunteers for their service and support.

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