Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Editor's Pick

Ohio Orders New State Policy: Grow 'Local' Food Sales
From Sustainable Food News, Aug., 2007

Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland has signed an executive order to create a new policy for the state's $93 billion food and agriculture industry focusing on beefing up sales of local foods.

"Increasing the percentage of food grown, processed and consumed in Ohio will provide significant financial benefits to the state and our farmers and give our citizens access to fresh, Ohio grown produce," Gov. Strickland said in announcing the Ohio Food Policy Advisory Council, which is charged with establishing the comprehensive policy plan.

The public/private Ohio Food Policy Advisory Council will study the state's food and agriculture industry and establish collaborative policies to "make the most of the industry."

Its mission will be to analyze food production, processing and consumption in Ohio, and link producers and consumers in local food systems to ensure citizens in need have greater access to fresh and nutritious food.

The council also said it will assist farmers and businesses in marketing their products to encourage the growth of Ohio food products.

"This approach recognizes that food production is an important part of our economy and asks how we can strengthen our policies to benefit both producers and consumers," Strickland said.
In May, New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer signed an executive order establishing a food policy council to increase sales of local agricultural products to consumers, with an emphasis on expanding the consumer market for organic foods.


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