Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Faces of Rural Action

Spotlight: Mary Steinmaus
Submitted by Katy Sulfridge, AmeriCorps*VISTA for Media

It seems only logical that for the first Rural Rambler following announcement of our interim director that we feature her as our profile for the Faces of Rural Action this week. We learned a little bit about Mary Steinmaus in the previous edition of the Rural Rambler, but hopefully we’ve found some information that we did not know.

Mary working with Youth Act students.

Mary came to this area in 1999, with her husband Mike, and two daughters. Mike and Mary both went to work for Rural Action, Mike with Monday Creek, and Mary as the Director of Community Development. Prior to her acceptance of the position with Rural Action, Mary was a program officer with the Stanley Foundation in Iowa. Her duties focused on education and outreach of global issue with teachers and students, as well as working with the same issues on a community level. Her work, at times, brought her to Rural Action for several years as a collaborator, long before she became a staff member.

Mary also has experience as a classroom teacher—both at the high school and college level. Prior to her community development work, Mary taught Spanish, a skill that was perhaps highlighted by her service in the Peace Corps in South America.

Since coming to Ohio, Mary and Mike have opened their own small business, a bed-and-breakfast on their property. They also have acquired four llamas—friendly animals that make good pets. Mary spins their fleece into yarn, and uses it for her crafts.

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