Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Upcoming Events

Heal the Planet on Volunteer Action
Submitted by Chris Tomazic, AmeriCorps*VISTA for Media

This week on Volunteer Action, Rural Action's weekly radio show and collaboration with WATH 970AM, I, Chris Tomazic, and Katy Sulfridge will discuss a new radio venture with host, Ray Wagner. Heal the Planet has been in the works now for many months. The goal of the program is to spotlight local people who are working to, as the name suggests, heal the planet. This includes local organic farmers, students organizing litter pick-ups, citizens lobying government - the list can go on.

I invite you to tune into the show on Tuesday April 24 from 10:06 a.m. to 10:36 p.m. on 970AM. We'll be playing a pilot episode on the air then asking listeners to call-in with comments about the episode and suggestions for the show.

What Heal the Planet will become is still unknown. Perhaps it will be a brief, weekly feature on local radio stations. Perhaps it will be an addendum to Volunteer Action. Whatever it becomes, I'd like your input to move the project forward. Please tune-in and give me your opinion!

Disc Golf Tournament
Submitted by Chris Tomazic, AmeriCorps*VISTA for Media

On Saturday May 5, the Environmental Learning Program will host a fundraising disc golf tournament on the campus of Hocking College. Disc golf is a game much like "normal" golf, except with frisbees instead of a ball and club. Teams of two try to land plastic discs inside of metal baskets. Each player throws a disc, and the team throws again from the better location.

Adam Fitch, organizer of the tournament, has been soliciting the support of local businesses. Thus far, sponsors include Donkey Coffee, Athens Book Center and Don Wood Automotive, with many more likely to come on-board.

Hocking's course is only a few years old. It winds back among the hills adjacent to the campus, through the woods and horse trails. By May 5, the woods should be bursting with spring. It will be just as enjoyable a hike as it is a game of disc golf!

The cost for joining the tournament is $15 per person and $5 for children under 12 accompanied by an adult. Prizes are rolling in from sponsors. For more information or to register, call Adam Fitch at 740-767-4938. Also, visit the website for further tournament information and pictures of the course:

Other Events
(taken from calendar at left)

04/19 - Invasive Plant Presentation, Athens County Master Gardeners' Club, 6pm, OSU Extension in Athens. Contact Tom Redfer at 740-767-4938 for info.

04/22 - Drive-It-Yourself Watershed Tour of the Meigs Creek Watershed, Miner's Memorial Park (SR 78 near Bristol in AEP ReCreation Land), call the Friends of the Lower Muskingum River office at 740-374-4170 for more info.

04/24 - SCWG, Flood Plain Training and Info Session, 7-9pm, SCWG office in Glouster, featuring Athens City Planner Bob Ickenberg, contact Emily Boyer at 740-767-2225 for more info.

04/24 - Volunteer Action, Chris Tomazic & Katy Sulfridge (Heal the Planet, radio initiative), WATH 970AM, 10:06am-10:36am.

04/25 - Sunday Creek Watershed Group Meeting, featuring a presentation by Mike Worley titled "Bluebirds 101." Call Emily Boyer at 740-767-2225 for more info.

04/26 - ELP Invasive Plant Information Session, 7 p.m., Wells Public Library (in Albany). Contact Adam Fitch at 740-767-4938 for more info.

04/30 - ELP, Backyard Habitats Workshop, 5:30-7:30, OSU Extension Office (West Union Street in Athens). Bob Placier, instructor with Hocking College’s School of Natural Resources will be speaking about bird interaction with native plants. Tom Redfern, Rural Action Sustainable Agriculture Program director will be speaking about pollinators such as bees, butterflies, and insects. Contact Adam Fitch at 740-767-4938 for more info.

05/01 - Volunteer Action, Guest TBA, WATH 970AM, 10:06am-10:36am.

05/01 - SCWG, Water Quality Monitering Training, 7am-2pm, Trimble High School, contact Emily Boyer for more info.

05/03 - Plant Sale at the RARE Center, 3-6 p.m. Includes a limited supply of heirloom pear trees $20 each. Call if you can't make it and have interest in a particular plant at 740-742-4401!