Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Faces of Rural Action

Spotlight: Kaabe Shaw, Sunday Creek Watershed Coordinator
Submitted by Katy Sulfridge, AmeriCorps*VISTA for Media

The month of April has been a busy time around Sunday Creek Watershed Group, so this week’s Faces of Rural Action brings us to Kaabe Shaw, the Coordinator with Sunday Creek. Kaabe comes to Rural Action fairly recently, having been hired for his position in September. Kaabe has been busy ever since, with a list of projects that keep growing. Recent events and accomplishments include the construction of the Pine Run Stream Capture, which will eliminate 94-million gallons of clean water from entering the underground mine and becoming contaminated with Acid Mine Drainage. Sunday Creek is also working on providing 10 Watershed Leadership Trainings for the community, including two recently held on trail maintenance and floodplain awareness.

Kaabe is a graduate of Ohio University, holds a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Geography, as well as a Masters Degree in Environmental Studies. Prior to working with Sunday Creek, Kaabe spent several years working as the Duck Creek Watershed Coordinator in Washington and Noble Counties. Kaabe enjoys his position as a Watershed Coordinator, "because I felt like I could come in and keep that going and continue to make a difference by improving water quality and raising watershed awareness.”