Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Volunteer Opportunities

Stilt-grass Pull: September 17

Asian stilt-grass is a relative newcomer to the Athens area but may end up being a more serious invasive pest than more familiar plants like garlic-mustard and honeysuckle. Volunteers are invited to help pull several populations of stilt grass in Strouds Run State Park. Volunteers are meeting at the Dow Lake dam parking lot (off US-50) at about 1:20 on Sunday, Sept. 17. A van will be leaving from Porter Hall, meeting at 1 PM.

Native Plant Rescue

Mark your calendars for the next plant rescue, which will take place on National Herb Day, October 14. Two shifts are available: one at 9 a.m. and one at 12 p.m. Meet at the Wayne National Forest Headquarters on State Route 33. These events will be an opportunity both to become skilled at differentiating between native and non-native plants and to take part in saving some of the genetic heritage of our forest. Lunch is provided, but please call ahead to let us know to expect you. Contact Elise or Tom at 740-742-4401 for more information (or visit the website).

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