Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Good News

New Program Coordinator for Sunday Creek Watershed

Kaabe Shaw is the new Program Coordinator for Sunday Creek Watershed Restoration Project. He is replacing interim coordinator, Lisa King, who took over after Cara Hardesty left in June.

Kaabe is enthusiastic about working with the Sunday Creek Watershed Group, Rural Action, and the watershed communities. I was able to meet with Kaabe during his busy first day on the job. Check out an excerpt from our conversation below.

Native Plant Rescue

The Native Plant Rescue has experienced success and is hoping for more. On August 26, Rural Action staff, VISTAs, and volunteers gathered at the Wayne National Forest Headquarters (on Route 33) to rescue valuable plants from the proposed Route 33 bypass, which will cut through the Wayne. Plants such as bloodroot, goldenseal, cohosh, and trillium are being transplanted from the forest to holding beds as part of the rescue. Nearly 2,500 plants have been rescued so far!

The Native Plant Rescue has also received national attention. The Frontier Natural Products Co-op has awarded the Native Plant Rescue a $10,000 challenge grant, which matches donations to the project dollar-for-dollar up to $10,000.

The rescues are performed, for the most part, by volunteers. There has been a tremendous showing of support for the project, and we hope to keep it up. If you missed the August 26 rescue, there’s a few more opportunities to volunteer. Check out the ‘Volunteer Opportunities’ section below for information on a plant rescues happening on September 9 and 10.

If you’d like to learn more, visit the Native Plant Rescue website.

New Media VISTA

Sara Peach, who has been in charge of producing the Rambler since July of ’05, is moving on. Fortunately, she is still a VISTA with Rural Action, though she is now working on the Rural Renewal Strategy. In her place, Chris Tomazic (that’s me!), will be taking over her duties, including publishing the Rambler. This is his first issue of the Rambler, so give him some feedback. Enjoy!

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