Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Editors' Picks

Travel Writers Promote Marietta as Tourist Destination
From the Marietta Times:
Thanks to journalists like Rogayle and Ben Franklin of Hamshire, Texas, readers across the country are about to learn that the Marietta area is a great tourist destination.

The Franklins and eight other travel writers for national publications visited the Pioneer City on Tuesday as part of a tour of Ohio’s Appalachian region.


“We do things that we haven’t done before, and share them with our readers,” said Franklin. “I know of at least three stories I could write out of this trip. I have already run out of notebooks and tapes. This has been a great experience..." Read on by clicking here.
Appalachian Regional Commission Explores Appalachia's Energy Future

From the Knoxville Times:
The Appalachian Regional Commission is developing an energy blueprint for the Appalachian region to promote new job opportunities by encouraging sustainable energy production, energy efficiency and conservation throughout the area.


"We wanted to hear from energy experts in government and economic development about what's going on in the energy world and what we can do as a region to take advantage of it," Pope said.

For example, the Appalachian region's coal reserves are equal to the oil reserves in the Middle East, Pope said.


Wayne Davis, associate dean for research and technology and professor of civil and environmental engineering at the University of Tennessee, who served on Tuesday's roundtable, focused on transportation in Tennessee.

He said Knox and Sevier counties, for example, increase in vehicle miles traveled each year by 4 percent to 5 percent. That compares to 2 percent at the national level.

He attributed that to the high level of tourism in Tennessee and the heavily used interstate system.

He said Tennessee has an opportunity to focus on alternative fuels to replace dependence on foreign oil, including biodiesel, ethanol and hydrogen fuels... Read the whole article by clicking here.


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