Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Editors' Picks

Bill Moyers on Life
Bill Moyers gave honest advice at a recent commencement speech at Hamilton College:
If the world confuses you a little, it confuses me a lot. When I graduated fifty years ago I thought I had the answers. But life is where you get your answers questioned, and the odds are that you can look forward to being even more perplexed fifty years from now than you are at this very moment. If your parents level with you, truly speak their hearts, I suspect they would tell you life confuses them, too, and that it rarely turns out the way you thought it would.

I find I am alternatively afraid, cantankerous, bewildered, often hostile, sometimes gracious, and battered by a hundred new sensations every day. I can be filled with a pessimism as gloomy as the depth of the middle ages, yet deep within me I'm possessed of a hope that simply won't quit. A friend on Wall Street said one day that he was optimistic about the market, and I asked him, "Then why do you look so worried?" He replied, "Because I'm not sure my optimism is justified." Neither am I. So I vacillate between the determination to act, to change things, and the desire to retreat into the snuggeries of self, family and friends...
Read the whole thing by clicking here.

Less Toxic Living
In Barbara Harris's home, you won't find air fresheners, non-stick pans or mattresses containing harsh flame retardants. That's by design: Ms. Harris tries to create a lifestyle that minimizes the chances she'll come into contact with harmful chemicals found in everyday on.
Click here for a Web site with tips on less toxic consumer products:
“Shampoos cause the most number of adverse reactions of all hair care products. They frequently contain harsh detergents, chemical fragrances and numerous irritating and carcinogenic compounds.”


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