Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Action Alert

Contact your state senators today! If passed, Ohio Senate Bill 191 will strip away 80 percent of the funds supporting the state Watershed Coordinator Program, federal matching funds for acid mine drainage clean-up, and reforestation efforts.

This bill threatens Rural Action’s efforts to restore Sunday Creek, Monday Creek, Federal Valley Creek and Huff Run. Ask your state senator to vote NO on 191.

Click here to find your senator’s contact information.

Alert from Jane Forrest Redfern: “Senate Bill 191 will strip away 80 percent of funding to the (Ohio) State Abandoned Mine Land Fund. The Abandoned Mine Land Fund provide the state dollars locally for cleaning up our watersheds harmed by acid mine drainage. The same funds are matched with Federal Clean Water Act money to provide the grants that fund our watershed work. If this bill passes, we will not have matching funds for our grants to clean up the acid mine drainage problems in Appalachian Ohio. That would put a halt to our efforts in our region.”

For more information, click here and scroll down to Mining.