Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Member Spotlight

This week we are shining our member spotlight on one of newest members, Stephanie Craddock. Stephanie is a 2004 graduate of Ohio University and is currently serving her second term as an AmeriCorps*VISTA member. Stephanie said that she became a member of Rural Action because she wanted to support the broad range of programs and services that we have to offer. In the future Stephanie said she would love to see Rural Action address the issues surrounding the high rate of teen pregnancy in our region. In the fall of 2006 Stephanie plans to start graduate studies at Ohio University in education and community counseling. She hopes to one day start her own counseling center for disadvantaged youths. Stephanie said if she could go any where in the world right now she would visit the small country of Bhatan, because there, people are less concerned about the Gross National Product and more concerned with gross national happiness. Stephanie is a truly lovely individual and we are honored to have as our member spotlight. THANKS, STEPHANIE!

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