Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Action Update

Flying Squirrel Club Held First Meeting
Rural Action’s Environmental Learning Program held its very first Flying Squirrel Club meeting on Saturday, October 22 at the Athens Public Library. If you know a young person between the ages of seven and 12 who likes to observe, explore, create and learn about the environment, contact Diane Wiktorowski at 740-767-4938 for more information.

VISTAs Cook Up a Storm, Raise Money for Home Repair
“Would you like to help a family fix their roof?” VISTA volunteers asked this question hundreds of times on Wednesday, October 19, in the Athens Wal-Mart parking lot.

It was a bake sale, organized by VISTA volunteers from Rural Action and ReUse Industries. The VISTAs were raising money for their “Make a Difference Day” project – performing emergency repairs to Athens County homes. And thanks to all of the people who answered, “Yes!” they raised enough money - over $1600 - to purchase building materials. On behalf of the volunteers, thank you to Rural Appalachian Housing Development, a project partner; thank you to Wal-Mart for providing a matching grant; and thank you to the Athens community for your outstanding generosity.

The home repair project will take place on November 4th; volunteers are still needed. To get involved or to make a donation, send an email to


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