Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Member Spotlight

This portion of the Rambler is designed to profile outstanding members of Rural Action.

This week we are profiling Betsy Gosnell.

Betsy first became involved with Rural Action about five-years ago when she saw the Monday Creek Restoration Group doing work near her home. She began talking with them and eventually found herself volunteering with the group. After attending meetings and volunteering with Rural Action for over a year Betsy made the decision to become an Americorps VISTA with Rural Action (a full time volunteer through the Corporation for National Community Service). She remained a VISTA for the next 2 1/2 years. She now works as a Leadership Programs Specialist for the Coalition for Ohio Appalachian Development (COAD). Betsy says she is where she is today because of the skills she learned as a VISTA and the kindness extended to her from the Rural Action family. She said in the future she would like to see Rural Action continue their work with the Sustainable Agriculture program to make the community aware of the great products that come from right here in the region. She also emphasized the importance of the Youth Act program with their leadership development programs as well as all the Environmental Learning Program and the watershed groups.

Betsy said if she could have any three dead or alive over for dinner she would invite Eleanore Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson and her grandmother.

We sure do appreciate all the work Betsy has done for our organization. It is members like her, whose continual support is the reason we can keep working for healthy communities, healthy economies and healthy environments. THANK YOU BETSY!


Anonymous said...

Jen Bowman writes:
I like the "Rural Rambler"! Great way to get information out and save paper!
Yea for Betsy - I was at that first MC meeting when Mike and Betsy both attended. Betsy was full of questions and she wasn't going to let down easy. I remeber thinking this lady is a fire ball, full of enthusiam and energy just the type of person we need helping with the Monday Creek Restoration Project and Rural Action.

Anonymous said...

COAD- Corporation for Ohio Appalachian Development. I'd like to invite folks to check us out online at, and learn about another one of Athens County's exciting non-profits!
Thanks for the opportunity to share "my story"!
Peace Always,